Particle and Dynamic Animation (Houdini II)

Exercise 1 - Intro to DOPS and POPS

The goal was to introduce dynamic operation (DOPS) and particle operation (POPS) networks through a simple pendulum system.

Houdini 2 - DOPs and POPs from Sean Dooley on Vimeo.


The goal was simple - experiment with DOPS and POPS to learn the basics of how they work and how you can control them. We were to follow a tutorial of a swinging pendulum (DOPS) and include particles in some manner. The motion of the pendulum reminded me of a domino chain falling and I wanted to play with that thought, but to keep it a little different (while still figuring out how everything works for the first time) I wanted to place a new chain of dominos at the apex of each swing of the pendulum so something new was falling. The smoke particles were added to the pendulum to meet the requirements. I would've liked to add them to the collision points of the objects, however, I had trouble with rendering a particle as a sprite in the first place, so I didn't know how to set up a collision event to spawn more particles and I ran out of time.


What I Learned/Challenges

- I learned how to create, modify, and control particles using a POP network and I learned the very basics of how to set up a dynamics network.
- For some reason (maybe due to a corrupt file or a bad build), I had weird issues rendering particles. At one point it wouldn't render because they didn't have a size; but even after a size attribute was added, nothing changed or I'd have the sprites, but the size attribute wouldn't modify the size of the sprites.

Future Improvements

- More variety to the particle behavior as well as the dynamic behavior.
- More time spent on the visual development, especially on the rendering of the sprite particles.


This class continued to teach Houdini while focusing heavily on particle and dynamic effects. It dealt with the POPS, DOPS, VOPS, and VEX networks.

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