About Me

Welcome to my website, and thanks for stopping by!

I'm currently a senior at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) majoring in Visual Effects (VSFX) and minoring in Technical Direction (TD). I am expecting to graduate in the Spring of 2012.

A little bit about me: when it comes to work, I enjoy a challenge and something that forces me to think and to find a better way to do something. I love solving problems elegantly. If it's not challenging, I'm probably not having fun because I really do love to learn. I do try to promote that in my own work - I tend to set a goal to try to do at least one new thing every project I work on while still continuing to polish and practice all of the other skills that I already have under my belt. I always have enjoyed and I hope to never stop learning. They do say that, if you stop learning you're dead, right?

Away from work (whenever that is) I love to be outside and in nature (not "urban" nature). Some of my best memories are being in backwoods just hanging out and listening to the sounds and seeing the light fall across the world. Now that I have my own camera, I love to take pictures of whatever I think looks cool - be it the composition, or subject, the light, or even just the texture of something. The pictures I take often are just for me and just because I can. Even outdoors, I like to try something new (just away from any heights please and thank you).

As for this website, I'm currently using it to showcase and further explain my work. I have been known to be verbose, but I'd rather be verbose and make sure whatever I'm teaching or explaining is understood than too short and no one can understand it. I do try to speak to a mix of audiences, be it completely unknowing of the effects and 3D fields and the more techsavy among us. I like to show the reason behind my workflow instead of just the end result alone.

I built this site myself using my knowledge of HTML as well as various little techniques I've found from acorss the web. I do not, however, have any technical training into web design or construction. As a result, there might be a problem here or there within the website. If you come across any, please email me and I will do my best to fix it.