13 June 2012 -- Updated Resume, updated lighting reel.

14 April 2012 -- Added new FG script for regular FGmap baking based on popular request; updated links and made some minor changes across the three FG script pages in the Extras section; updated Extras page to show new addition; updated sidebar images) hopefully fixes weird display of the red bars for Firefox web browser; spelling changes across site; various other small edits.

6 April 2012 -- Updated demo reel and breakdown sheet; added stereo reel video; starting to phase out "Lighting Reel"; added work to Studio 1 - added breakdown videos, added final render video, made minor changes to that classes; updated resume; finally added re-rendered project videos to respective project pages; cosmetic changes to site - updated header, sidebar, logo, colors, stereo versions.

25 February 2012 -- Added a few small scripts to my Extras page, corrected a few errors in the name of some pages.

21 February 2012 -- Created walkthrough of FG scripts; uploaded new scripts.

10 February 2012 -- Created new main Extras page; added links to various scripts; set up for future additions; experimented with a pastebin for code text.

3 February 2012 -- Create page for technical, lighting, and stereo demo reels; finally added links to Link page; changed color of links; changed color of background for classes navbar; added placeholder links for last two classes for Classes; on Classes main page, provided direct links to classes; updated resume; Studio I's journal updated a few classes.

11 January 2012 -- Uploaded new demo reel, changed Demo Reel page accordingly; added new placeholder pages for Fall 2011 and Winter 2012 classes; new breakdown sheet.

8-13 October 2011 -- Migrated entire site to a new domain (smdooley.com); updated pages; added new features (Links page, About Me page); other small edits related to migrating my website.

2 October 2011 -- Updated demo reel and resume; added missing "Back to Top" button on Resume page.

26-27 September 2011 -- Updated and redesigned Demo Reel page; updated home page; updated formatting of overall website slightly (allow more space on the right side); updated resume; finished removing all red and blue color from the stereo pages to make it easier to view the work.

19 September 2011 -- Created a new background image for the website.

29 June 2011 -- Corrected an error in my Resume; made cosmetic changes to the entire website.

28 June 2011 -- Updated resume; modified my resume.html page to include an embedded pdf viewer and a direct link to a pdf version of my resume.

16 June 2011 -- Created Stereo Terms and Stereo Notes pages; modified the navbar for the stereo class pages.

10 June 2011 -- Created pages for Spring 2011 classes (Stereo and Tech Comp) with proper write ups, videos, etc; updated the classes navigation bar to include the classes for next quarter (although the links obviously don't work yet since I don't have content for those classes yet); a few spelling corrections to this Updates page.

26 April 2011 -- Created new navigation menu "Extras" to show off some of the other work and support scripts and projects I've worked on; created my first Extra page for my Python scripts for FG Map File Sequences; updated other pages to make sure it has access to this new navigation menu.

18-19 April 2011 -- Updated website structure and changed the navigation, fixed Demo Reel page to have direct links to projects now, renamed a few pages, changed "Work" page to be called "Demo Reel" now, updated Class navigation bar, changed High School structure and viewing method, fixed the photo gallery for Life Drawing class, added a redirect so if anyone goes to the old Home (index.php) or Demo Reel (work.php) pages they are redirected to the proper new ones - sorry for the changes.

7 April 2011 -- Uploaded Winter 2011 quarter's work; modified Work page - new demo reel, new links and previews

11 February 2011 -- Uploaded new demo reel to "Work" page.

30 January 2011 -- Shifted my old "Work" page to now be called "Classes"; reordered the listing of classes on the new "Classes" page; created a new "Work" page that has my demo reel on it as well as new links; updated old links; updated resume.

22 January 2011 -- Added a link to my RenderMan II page (Programming Models and Shaders II) that I'm working on for class.

7 January 2011 -- Updated header fonts and sizes; added a color shift for active hover over links; created a link back to the home page by clicking on my logo in the top header bar; fixed the "Back to Top" functionality in Firefox; added a "Back to Top" functionality to my Work main page; corrected some text on the main Home Page; changed the page names across the website slightly; added this Updates page as well as corrected the sidebar menus across the website to include a link to this page

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