Life Drawing I

Skeleton Study

Parts of the Skeleton


The first project focused on markmaking and the planar analysis of the skeleton of the human figure. We had to draw different parts of the skeleton from different angles and arrange them in an interesting composition. I focused on one-direction hatching in my own style to develop value and volume.

I also incorporated some mirror-script, like da Vinci, to fill in some of the negative space of the composition.

Please note, however, that this is not a master copy. This is my own, original work with a composition I created. This was not copied from da Vinci's own work. Only the mirror-script was inspired by him. I've had many people and professor's alike say that this is a master copy, but I did not work from da Vinci's work - I work from a still life in class.

– Black and White Conte
– 36" x 24"


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