Intro to Visual Effects Programming (MEL)


This class, and it's associated source files, are no longer available. At the request of the professor, they have all been taken down after too many students have been using my source code directly for their own projects and assignments and not as inspiration or reference as they were intended to be.

When I get more time I hope to be able to put my explanation and pictures (without any source code) back online, but for the time being, nothing related to this class will be made available.

Please do not continue this practice for the rest of my classes. They are meant to be reference and inspiration, not your homework.


This class focused on introducing MEL scripting and then a very short exposure to BASH scripting in the Linux environment. The work was done from a class textbook ("MEL Scripting for MAYA Animators" by Mark R. Wilkins and Chris Kazmier) and the goal was to recreate the examples seen in the book while making improvements and modifications to the base script from our own learned knowledge of MEL scripting.

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