3D Design

Points of Intersection

Using different methods of represent a form (planes, lines, void/space, etc), intersect two shapes.

Cube Intersecting with a Sphere


I represented a sphere intersecting with a cube and for the different forms I represented each of them in a different manner. The cube I represented as plane - or the lines of paper that are seen crisscrossing. The sphere I represented as line - the silver wire that forms the exterior shape of the sphere. And then the final "shape" is the actual point of intersection - that point that is common to both the sphere and the cube. I represented that space as a void, an absence. Like a foot print in the snow, you know that some form was there, but you simply do not see it now. Same type of principle - you are aware that there is a sphere inside/intersecting with the cube, but you don't see it. But the viewer is aware of it because they see parts of the cube (the different planes representing it) missing.


This class acted as an introductory class into sculpture-based three dimentional design.

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