Procedural Modeling and Animation (Houdini I)

Lissajous Curve

Use the mathematical Lissajous function to control a set of points.

Basic Lissajous Curve Function


I created a sphere and used the copy node to create the multiple ones you see. I then used the basic Lissajous function to control the point position of each of those spheres. It was an exercise to introduce complex expressions. The expression that controls one axis of the position of a sphere is as follows:

ch("../../lissajous_curve/val_Ax") * sin((ch("../../lissajous_curve/val_omega1") * $PT) + ch("../../lissajous_curve/val_dx"))

I Also Modified the Function with a Power Function to See What Would Happen


This class introduced working with Side Effect's Houdini. It heavily promoted procedural workflow and creating networks that fully take advantage of Houdini's unique nature and power. It did not focus on look-development however, instead teaching techniques specific to Houdini.

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