Visual Effects Studio I

Extended Breakdown

Part of the agreement of my project was to develop a comprehensive breakdown video to further describe my project and all of the little tricks and cheats that I built while working. I developed two versions of the video for class, a short version and a slightly longer version. They both have almost the exact same information - but the longer version will be paced a little more generously and it will also go into more detail showing a few addition features that the short version on mentions.

Studio I - Breakdown - Short from Sean Dooley on Vimeo.

Studio I - Breakdown - Long from Sean Dooley on Vimeo.

Technical Breakdown/Extra Information

--Include a technical breakdown explaining the project if necessary or other useful/fun pieces of information. Provide source materials, concept designs, screenshots or videos to help better explain what has been done to create the final work.--

--Include a caption if desired--


This class allows for the development of one complete, demo reel worthy project. I took the opportunity to revisit my Houdini procedural modeling skills while expanding on Houdini multi-parms, assest/parameter development (specifically through Python), the ForEach node, and light instancing.

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