Technical Reel

Below is my current demo reel! Click play to enjoy!

Demo Reel - Fall 2011 from Sean Dooley on Vimeo.

Demo Reel Breakdown

Logo Particles and Dynamics

Fall 2011

Houdini and Mantra (no compositing)

Pill Case

Winter 2011 (Re-render Winter 2012)

Maya, Maya Software, Mental Ray, Nuke

Cheetah Rig

Fall 2010 (Re-render Winter 2011)

Houdini, Mantra

Eastern State Penitentiary

Winter 2012

Houdini, Mantra, Python, Nuke

Houdini Procedural Lighting Tool

Winter 2012

Houdini, Python

Mood Lighting

Winter 2011 (Re-render Winter 2012)

Maya, Mental Ray, Nuke, Python (see next project)

Final Gather File Sequence

Winter 2011 (ongoing)

Python, Maya, Windows (command line), Linux (Bash)

Demo Reel Breakdown Sheet Download

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